ThinkHR has just published their 2021 State of HR Report. Over 2,200 employers shared their priorities, challenges, and outlook for 2021. Here’s what stood out:

1. Different businesses have different needs, priorities, and experiences. For example, the report shows that compliance with local and state laws is a top priority and that there is a growing divide between remote-first and physically-present workplaces. Employers’ HR needs vary and require tailored HR solutions to solve their unique business problems.

2. Human resources responsibilities are expanding and getting more difficult. Compared to last year, the report shows that small businesses are seeking trusted resources and technology providers to a higher degree (73% vs. 63%). Gone are the days when HR was “Googleable.” HR now requires a dedicated suite of subject matter experts supplemented by technology and expert content.

3. Businesses are prioritizing their people. For example, supporting employees was the top reason for offering benefits, and trainings to build a respectful and inclusive culture were up significantly. An employee-focused environment is a home-field advantage for businesses that have the expertise needed to develop best-in-class programs and policies.

Knowing these insights can help you better support your clients in 2021. Click the button below to view the full 2021 State of HR Report.

Source: ThinkHR


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