Community Banking

Human Resources for Community Banking

The growth of digital banking poses a big challenge for recruiting departments. To keep up with the rapidly changing trends, banks are pursuing big transformations to offer an improved customer experience. Digital automation is reshaping the banking workforce, and as a result there aren’t enough employees with the right tech skills and education to absorb those roles. How can today’s banking industries compete and gain the appropriate staff?


The industry of community banking offers a great opportunity for human resource coaching.


Filling this tech void can lead to salary issues as well. Most banks and credit unions can’t afford to pay the higher salaries that IT professionals request. To stay competitive and retain a good culture, the banking industry now requires a more diverse workforce.

Digital transformation is an opportunity to develop a modernized culture. HR professionals are challenged with identifying the skills and experience needed to stay competitive. With a lack of development resources, it can be difficult to hire and retrain staff to move forward in the new world of banking. Luckily, Workforce Solutions is here to help!


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