Hospitality Human Resource Needs

“Can I speak to your manager?” is a phrase we often hear in restaurant, lodging, and recreation industries. However, it’s likely that manager was promoted with inadequate training. Inexperienced managers can cause business to suffer. A qualified manager must have, at a minimum, people skills, leadership experience, customer care and industry training. Managers who don’t know what their jobs encompass can become frustrated and negatively affect their employees.

Promoting from within is a great philosophy, but it can only be successful with appropriate training, as length of employment alone does not necessarily deem management material Insufficient training and development often lead to ill-prepared employees without the means to succeed.


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Another problem in the hospitality sector is theft by employees. Restaurant and hotel employees are often exposed to a large array of quality alcohol, food, and equipment. In hotels, housekeepers work around customers unsecured luggage and valuables. A firm security policy can (usually) assist in the prevention of these thefts from happening and save the company time and money in the future. Proper hiring and ethical training can help ensure managers have a staff they can trust, and you can trust Workforce Solutions to provide these tools.

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