Human Resources for Manufacturing

Given the already significant shortages in the manufacturing industry, minimizing attrition is crucial for long-term survival of many companies. Unfortunately, the industry’s high turnover can pose a unique challenge for HR professionals as people seek out other opportunities. Deflated retention comes from a combination of minimal investments in employee development, stagnant salaries and global competition.

The transition from manual methods to advanced machining processes can also be a concern for employees and management. Employees with specialized skill sets aren’t always easy to come by, especially technology-skilled workers seeking to enter and advance in the manufacturing industry. In-house training programs can boost employee engagement and retention, but not all managers know where to begin.


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Another unique challenge for HR professionals in manufacturing is safety. In an office setting, the safety hazards are usually based around ergonomics or vision issues with their computers. In a manufacturing plant, people are exposed to moving equipment, fall hazards, and potentially hazardous chemicals. While the types of safety practices used can vary based on the type of manufacturing, it’s important that all employees and managers are trained appropriately for these conditions. Workforce Solutions can arm you with the proper processes and best practices to assist your manufacturing team in the prevention of accidents and industries.


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