Recruiting in 2021

Businesses across the globe are struggling to find dependable candidates to make it all the way through the recruiting process. Workforce Solutions has been helping small-mid size companies in the state of Wisconsin navigate through the hiring process from beginning to end. Recruiting in 2021 for most companies has proven to be a challenge, as not a lot of individuals are eager to jump back into the workplace as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to dwindle. COVID-19 left a lot of individuals out of work and forced schools to go virtual. We are now at the transitional time period between a pandemic and going back to our normal routines.

What Workforce Solutions has been seeing in recent times

Our clients come to us with any HR-related task that they may need help with from A-Z. Most recently, we have been helping clients with recruiting and phone interviews. An unfortunately common theme that has been occurring are candidates not responding at different stages throughout the recruiting process. Whether that be not responding to initial phone calls & emails inviting candidates to interview, or them losing interest or not responding after the phone interview has been completed.

The best ways that we have found to avoid candidates not responding or dropping out altogether are to contact the candidate as soon as possible after they send in their resume and getting back to them regarding next steps in a timely manner. Strong communication is important now more than ever to make sure that you don’t miss out on candidates to other companies that they may have also applied to work for.

Here’s what Workforce Solutions can do for you to make the hiring process as easy as can be:

  • Create/edit your job descriptions
  • Post your job ads onto Indeed
  • Search through applicants
  • Initial phone/virtual interviews
  • Run background checks & reference checks on candidates

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