People Risk Management software with the tools and guidance businesses need to prepare for and manage day-to-day people risks.

People Risk Management fills a critical need for businesses of all sizes, helping them build and maintain a strong culture, drive employee engagement and performance, and mitigate the numerous people related compliance risks that exist in every organization. And, the only way to ensure a comprehensive, end-to-end people risk management strategy is by incorporating three critical components:


Access to up-to-date and accurate compliance content to guide and support an organization managing people risks.


Critical deployment technologies to get content into the hands of the right people and create a great user experience.

Live Advisors

Expertise and guidance that HR and business leaders need when content and technology just won’t solve a difficult situation.

ThinkHR software offers a wide variety of
products and services including:

  • Employee Handbook Builder
  • E-Learning Courses
  • Job Description Builder
  • People RiskAudit
  • Salary Tool
  • Benefit Document Tool
  • State Comparison Tool


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